How to make your dinner healthy and tasty!

In this post, I am going to show you some of the typical healthy dinners I usually prepare for me. I follow a classic rule of the healthy eating…your dinner needs to be mainly protein based and you should try to avoid possibly carbs and sugars. The reason behind this is because the dinner is the last meal of the day and consequently eating many carbs or sugars before going to sleep is something you should avoid, in fact, your body won’t be able to burn properly a large number of calories in that phase of the day and the one in excess will become fats. Give your preference to a protein-based meal would be the more logic and correct choice for two main reasons: 1) because of the different way our body digest these macronutrients that is actually slower than carbs and sugars and is then ideal to release the nutrients we need during our sleeping time; 2) The proteins are the bricks necessaries to build your muscles and then the evening is again a good time to assume them because in this way our muscles will be fed during the night period and will be kept toned.

What if I do a lot of sport?

In case you have a sportive lifestyle and you faced an intense training session before of your dinner you can add some carbs to it. This is because in any case, your body will burn them quickly and also they will be conveyed to your muscles contributing to give them a nice tone. If you want to relax a bit the Healthy dinner rule, you can do it time by time, but of course, having a “cheat meal” after an intense training session will be less damaging for your body than having it in a rest day.

Keep your routine!

In any case, my suggestion is then to prefer a lighter and protein-based dinner. The main reason is that in this way your body will get used to this and automatically you will start thinking about your dinner choices in a different way.

The importance of what you eat during the day

As I stated also in another of my articles that you can read clicking here,  your daily macronutrients intake should be carefully looked after and you should try to split your daily meals in a correct way. The classic split is the 5 meals per day method! It should include a very good and nutrient breakfast, 2 little meals mid-morning and mid-afternoon, a proper healthy lunch which could include as well a bigger amount of carbs and finally your healthy-light dinner.

Said this, you can make some change to this routine and this will depend on our lifestyle and our daily commitments; in fact, in some days we will have to skip or have really light lunch or alternative eat more calories than usual at lunch and having a super quick and light dinner. In these situations, you can still manage your meals. For instance on a typical Friday or Saturday evening you will know that probably your dinner is going to be more caloric than usual; in this case, you will need to put extra attention to the rest of your daily meals that will need to be necessarily lighter than usual.

My healthy dinner suggestions!

Here I prepared a nice gallery of different kind of dishes with the dedicated explanation. As a general rule, I tend to prefer white meat as Turkey or Chicken, Bresaola ham or Parma ham, Vegetarian food, Fish (Salmon is rich in the famous Omega 3 fats that are the “good” fats) and of course Eggs. You can accompany your dinners with a good source of vitamins as steamed vegetables as Broccoli, Cauliflowers, green peas or green beans and eventually a little bit of bread (rigorously whole wheat one) is allowed :-).

I hope my article could be useful for you and you can start put into practice my suggestions and simple recipes right now.

Have a good view and good healthy dinner to everyone! 🙂

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