Why is so important having breakfast? Have a look to my healthy suggestions and start changing your habits now!

The importance of the breakfast!

From my personal experience, is not so common for many people after waking up having breakfast or even thinking to put something in their mouth. The reasons are scientifically studied, but they vary from people to people and I am not writing this article to tell you which are them; I am not a nutritionist or a dietist. I any case, naturally, our body coming from a long fasting period is not hungry at all and that’s why many people skip their breakfast.

Why is so important?

The main reason trying to avoid skipping your breakfast should be a great change in your lifestyle, is that the morning is actually the best time for you to introduce a good amount of nutrients! In fact, our body will definitely thank us if we feed it immediately after waking up with a good amount of carbs, sugars, protein, and fats and we will feel fueled and ready to start in the best way our day. Also, another important reason to avoid skipping your breakfast is to distribute your meals in a balanced way during your day in order to avoid to arrive extremely hungry at your main meals and eat a larger amount of food respect the one we would usually need.

What to eat (Salty or sweet)?

When it comes deciding what to eat, basically we don’t have to follow a specific rule, but of course looking at a healthy and balanced breakfast, we have to prefer some kind of food compared to others.
A golden rule I would like to point out here is the necessity to combine all the aliments spectrum choosing both carbs and proteins and paying attention to include also an intake of fats and vitamins.
The taste of people is different and each one grew up in different cultures and traditions. We all know that a sweet breakfast is typical of a small part of countries (mostly Mediterranean) and a salty one (Continental one) is the most widespread in the world. Well, I fell in the first category being Italian and I love having something sweet in the morning (I grew up with milk and cookies) and that’s why my selection is mostly sweet.
The choice is yours, but as I said I think the best advice I can give you is trying to include an equal amount of carbs and proteins and to keep things the healthier possible.

My breakfast suggestions!

Here we come to my breakfast suggestions that I think is great to share with you in this article:

In the picture gallery that will follow I have prepared a range of healthy and sometimes not 😛 recipes that I regularly apply to my breakfasts, so you can start putting in practice some of them regularly.

  1. Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, granola with a topping of nuts, Cinnamon ground and honey (fresh orange juice)

Here your yogurt and Granola breakfast ready to eat!:-)
Some of the main ingredients you need to prepare a tasty and healthy breakfast.

This is one of my favorites. it contains all the nutrients you need to start your day at your best! You have the proteins contained in the Yogurt (I suggest you use a Greek-style yogurt one because contains a higher amount of proteins), the carbs and sugars contained in the Granola/Musli and in the honey, the vitamins present in the fresh fruit and the fats contained in the nuts (I normally use almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts)
I accompany my breakfast with some fresh orange juice, but I put it in brackets because it contains usually a huge amount of sugars and if you are trying to reduce them I suggest you reduce them.
Even in the choice of the Granola/Musli, I suggest you keep an eye on the calories and sugars amount because again the amount of them vary hugely between brands. A good one is the Quaker oats because it contains mostly oats that are an extremely healthy and balanced food supplement. Have a look here to get more info about its properties: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270680.php

2. Porridge time!

The porridge is basically something very common diffused and spread in the United Kingdom and is not so well known in other countries. I was skeptic about it, but living in Uk and having a look to the good reviews and opinions related to it I started using it with more frequency and it can be considered now one of my favorite ones!

An example of how to have your Porridge.
The classic British Porridge and my favorite brand to do it
Another great example of how a Nice porridge should look like..;-)

The preparation is very easy. I recommend you to use again the Quaker oats porridge also because they have ideated a very practical way to package their Porridge oats as you see in the image below. In the pack, you will find 8 small sachets that contain the right amount for your daily breakfast and you need just to fill them with milk and that’s it! After having put the sachet’s content in a bowl and having warmed it up for almost 3 minutes your porridge will be ready to be served. You can then add it fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey and nuts as you do with your Yogurt.

3. Brunch time!!

Living abroad is even more common than Italy enjoying a savory breakfast or a classic “brunch style” breakfast as the ones I am going to show you.

This kind of breakfast is usually more protein based and the amount of sugars and carbs is usually limited, but again this can be considered a healthy breakfast with the right precautions…if you look at the typical “English breakfast” for example, the amount of proteins is definitely high and for the reasons I told you until now this should be a good signal. This is undoubtedly true, but unfortunately, we all know that the way is prepared in restaurants, pubs, and bar is not properly healthy. In fact, the salt and sugars amount present in the sauces and in the dressing used to prepare your breakfast will be for sure high and also the usage of Pork meat is high in fats and calories.

Other healthier savory options are the use of Avocado and Eggs with salads and some rye bread or whole wheat as sides. In this case, we will have a definitely balanced intake of calories and our meal will be a really complete and healthy one.

Even in this case, the way you are going to have your breakfast will depend on your choices. Logically filling your English breakfast with ketchup, mayo, salt and butter bread will completely change it from healthy to unhealthy.

The typical English breakfast so common here in UK
A particular variation of a savory breakfast: Greek yogurt, poached eggs, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, and bread. The spicy pepper is not advisable..:-D
Fried Eggs with tomato sauce, bacon slices, and chips.

Tasty, but not so healthy…

The Italian home way breakfast

This kind of breakfast is the most typical one usually consumed in my lovely country and is the favorite one of the majority of Italians. It consists mainly of milk of your choice (mainly cows one of which we are a fan), barley coffee or ground coffee, biscuits and toasted bread with jam or honey.
The breakfast itself as you can imagine is mainly carbohydrates based and contains a high amount of sugars. The proteins content is given by the Milk.
I don’t intend to completely blame this breakfast, but having this kind of breakfast regularly is not the best you can do if you think to reduce your body fat or your carbs and sugars intake.
Some possible expedient you can apply to it is using a low fat milk if you can. I recommend you, for example, using a skinny 0,01 % milk, lactose-free or to reduce the fat and sugars intake. Also, you need to avoid absolutely using butter on your bread and to prefer Wholewheat bread and biscuits. Lastly, count things! Establish the right amount of biscuits or Bread slices and stay with it!

The Italian bar breakfast

This second variation of the Italian way breakfast is actually the tastiest for me, but as you can imagine is even worse than the first one described.

The typical one is the “Cappucino e Cornetto” one who is extremely diffused in an Italian coffee shop in the morning. The combo in itself is quite easy and cheap (In Italy), but the amount of calories contained is definitely high and we struggle to find a balanced intake of the good nutrients as the previous breakfast types.

My recommendation is, as usual, to enjoy this kind of breakfast time by time, but always remember that should be a sweet treat for you to keep for weekends or holidays only, but not let this become a habit.

Fantastic cappuccino with chocolate on top accompanied by an almond croissant covered with powdered sugar
Another great example of Cappucino with an amazing caramelized Italian pastry

Final considerations

In this article, I wanted to give you my personal combination of healthy and not really healthy breakfasts.

My purpose is to share with you my habits and my experiences and to give you examples you can put in practice to prepare your healthy breakfasts at home or to treat your self in some nice and cheerful weekend day or in your holidays.

Here you have some really important points you should bear in mind:

  1. Try to avoid skipping your breakfast! Your body and your mind will thank you by the time.
  2. Think always about what are you going to eat and if the total amount of nutrients is complete.
  3. Try to include always a Protein source in your breakfasts. Proteins are a complete food, make your body feels full for a longer time, maintain your muscles strong and fed and make your metabolism high.
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to do regular physical activity! If you have a sedentary lifestyle and you don’t burn many calories extra, put double attention on what you eat will be of fundamental importance.
  5. Treat your self sometimes and let you indulge in some of your not’healthy and super tasty breakfast. This will be beneficial for your spirit and won’t compromise your healthy lifestyle.
  6. Have your routine and keep it. Your body will definitely appreciate it and you will learn controlling it, being able to give him the right price at the right time.

I hope you will have found this article interesting and beneficial for you and I please you to let me know what do you think adding a comment or liking it.

Good breakfast to everyone!

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